The future of my media appearance

By Maximilian Jendrall

This is a WorkInProgress contribution, which means that I actively add things here.

This article is especially about how I want to change my media appearance and shape it myself, because it bothers me to find me and my data fragmented on the Internet without me having control over it. To be able to change anything at all is the first step one has to take to analyze the current situation.

The current condition

My data, with the exception of the cloud services, which I would also like to deal with, but not in this post, is mostly distributed over various social networks and portals. Among them are among others:

  • Pictures of me
  • My name in various variations
  • My contacts and people with whom I deal and am connected in various ways
  • Contact information from me In addition, I have noticed that this media diversity creates a very confusing and unequal image of me, which I do not want to present in this way.

The desired state

But what do I want anyway? My goal is to create redundancy on all social networks and to present myself as uniformly as possible. In addition, the data presented to the public should be as minimized as possible. In the end I want to have my personal website as the single source of truth and subordinate the data in the social networks and portals to the hierarchical one.

Published on April 22, 2019.